User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide. This document explains how you can utilize our products to transform the web into data. Extractors enable you to obtain information from thousands of pages or a single page. It utilizes a point and click interface, enabling anyone to transform the web into data, for more information click here.

This guide covers how to fully use, from creating your first extractor, to how to manage your account, to using our online dashboard.

The sections below go into greater detail of the specific aim and goals of each section.

Section 1. Introduction

This section gives a general introduction to our software including what is and a few examples of what can be extracted as well as our FAQ and instructions in creating an account.

Section 2. Creating an Extractor

This section covers a step by step guide in creating your first extractor. Each of the sub sections of the guide are also separated into different section, so you can easily refresh your knowledge. Subsections include login and URL input, editing, adding and removing columns, selecting data from a website and running you first extractor. The last three subsections cover additional information that enables greater customization of your extractor. These are list vs. detail pages, column options and training URLs.

Section 3. Managing and Running your Extractor

This section covers how to utilize the online dashboard to manage and run your extractors. Specifically focusing on how to navigate the dashboard and add URLs, so you can run your extractors. It also demonstrates how to access your run history, which shows key information about your extractor runs and how to schedule extractors so they run when you want them to. Finally, this section demonstrates how to download your data.

Section 4. Enhancing your Extractors

This sections covers two major areas, first how to deal with specific common problems that occur. For example dealing with infinite scrolling websites, webpages with varying structure or elements dealing with the hidden elements of webpages, and even how to get data behind a login. It also demonstrates how to remove part of the data collected in a column and provides a checklist, which can be run through when attempting to enhance your extractor.

Section 5. APIs

In this section we cover the APIs, which let you integrate your data with other programs across the web. For example Google Sheets and Zapier.

Section 6. Tips and Tricks

This section contains tips and tricks for using other software related to your use of .

Section 7. Managing your Account.

Section 7 provides information on managing your account and subscription and billing details.

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