Dealing with hidden elements

Styles On/Off

When creating or editing columns from your extractor, you may come across situations where you cannot point and pick an element simply because it is hidden inside or obscured by another element. Here are some examples:

Example 1: Tabbed items

What if you would like to extract certain Delivery info or Reviews data? In this page the information is hidden under separate tabs. Since you cannot interact directly with the webpage itself to activate the different tabs, and uncover the information you need, it's not possible to visually pick the data that you need.

Example 2: Dropdowns

What if you would like to extract size availability data? In this case the information is hidden inside the dropdown. Again, out of reach of your selection.

How to work around this? Turning Styles Off

In cases like these and other similar to the ones we just discussed, when the information is loaded on the page but initially hidden from the view, you can use the Styles On/Off toggle on the top menu from the Editor to render the page without the websites's styling, thus making the information visible and readily available for selection:

So let's take a look at the example above, and see how using the Styles On/Off toggle can help:

In this case, turning off styles reveals the size information without having to click on the dropdown. Now, you can continue training your column simply by clicking on the page!

To turn Styles back On, simply click on the button again and you can continue to train as normal.

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