Integrating with Google Sheets

Using our Google Sheets APIs you can directly integrate your data into Google Sheets. This enables you to instantly transfer your data onto Google Sheets.

Step 1. Obtain the Google Sheets API key:

To do this first select the extractor you wish to use. This extractor must have already been run successful, then switch to the integrate selection on the dashboard.

The Google Sheets API is in the fourth box shown in the image above. Note part of the API has been removed from the above image, this is due to how the API should be not shared with anyone, please keep your API private.

Now copy all of the API from the Google Sheets section.

Step 2. Open Google Sheets

Next open Google Sheets. To do this you need a Google account and access Google Sheets. This will bring up a spreadsheet for you to work in.

Step 3. Enter the API into the first cell:

Once your enter the API into the first cell function bar (shown by fx) the data will appear.

Step 4. Automatic update

Now whenever your data is run it will automatically update.

Thus by using this in combination with a scheduled extractor you could update your Google Sheets when you want it to. Also this can be used with Google Sheets Zapier integration to automate to an even higher degree.

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