The dashboard

The Dashboard is the place where you can monitor all your existing extractors and create new extractors.

Finding Extractors

Extractors are listed on the left hand panel with the most recently created one on the top.

Searching extractors

You can use the search to find an extractor by name.

Sorting extractors

You can sort your extractor list by the date of creation, when they were last updated or by name.

Run, download, edit, duplicate or delete extractors

You can also manually run your extractor, download the latest CSV, edit, duplicate or delete an extractor from the top right hand menu.

Note download the latest CSV provides you with a CSV file from the last crawl of your currently selected extractor.

Extractor tabs

There are three tabs for all extractors shown here:


From the Settings tabs you can link your extractor to another extractor, add or remove URLs and schedule your extractor.

Run History

In this tab the run history for the extractor is shown. This contains past runs of the extractor and is where you can download the data from your extractor.


Shows the different ways you can integrate your extractor with different external applications. More information regarding integration can be found in the APIs section.

Changing the extractor name

To edit or change the extractor name you need to hover over the name and click on it to make it editable. Once you are finished just press enter or click somewhere else.

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