Subscription and billing

Subscription and billing information is accessible from the second tab of my account.

Your details

Current plan

Shows the name of the plan you are currently subscribed to on

Query count

Show the amount of queries you have used compared to your monthly or annual total allowance.

Reset date

Shows the date when your query count resets.

Clicking change my plan will take you through the steps to upgrade or downgrade your plan.


This section covers of the billing information.

View invoices and edit card details

This will show your past invoices, containing the status of your account, when you have been billed and your invoice details.

You can also edit your card details in this section by click the edit button to the right of the billing information.

Cancel subscription

Click this button to cancel your subscription, please note that you will be transferred back to a free account when your next payment would have been due. This will result in the loss of extracted data and any extractors that you have created.

Note that notice periods are required for cancellation, please check the online Terms and Conditions.

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