The editor

The editor is where you train you extractor to select the data that you want to extract from the website and define what the data will look like on the data table.

There are two ways to access the editor. First, you can create a new extractor by clicking the new extractor button at the top left corner of the screen, as shown circled below, and entering the URL of the website you wish to access:

Alternatively you can edit an existing extractor by first selecting the extractor in the left column. This highlights the extractor and enables you to see the current settings of the extractor.

Then click the edit button on the top right side of the screen:

There are two views on the editor: data and website view.

Data vs. website views

The data view is where you can define your data table and get access to most of the column options. The data view is a preview of how the data will look on the results file.

The website view displays the webpage you are extracting from and its where you can point and click to select the data from the website. For more information in selecting data, go here.

Let's review the different options available on both tabs

Delete all colums

The Delete all columns button removes all the columns from your table and allows you to quickly start from scratch.

Styles On/Off Toggle

The styles toggle allows you reach data that is sometimes hidden on a website by turning on and off the styles on the page. This can be used to extract data from hidden elements within the website.

Scripts On/Off

The scripts toggle allows to turn on/off all scripts on the website to access data that might not be available otherwise.

Single vs. Auto rows

The Single row vs Auto rows toggle allows you visualize data from multiple URLs at a glance and/or collapse the information into a single line if necessary. Single row is useful in creating detail pages, while Auto rows is useful in creating list pages. For information on the distinction between list and detail click here.


We keep a trail of every action on the editor to make your life easier and you can use the Redo and Undo buttons on the top menu to easily go back and forth in your action trail.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts

Undo: Cmd+Z on Mac or Ctrl+Z on Windows

Redo: Cmd+Shift+Z on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+Z on Windows

The next step in creating your extractor: adding and removing columns

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