The run history

The Run History is the place were you find all the runs from your extractor. Whether you have run the extractor manually, or set up a schedule, this is where the details of all your extractions will live, allowing you to review the details or your runs. Runs are ordered by date with the latest one on the top.

Each run has a status on the left hand side indicating whether your run has:



Interrupted (you’ve pressed stop)

Or In Progress

Successful URLs

This will show you how many URLs were successful out of the total number that were queried. In log file these URLs will have a successful value of 1.

Failed URLs

This will show you how many URLs have not retrieved any information. You can view the log file to understand what the reasons for the failures were. In log file these URLs will have a successful value of 0.


This represents how long the run took to complete.

Estimated time to complete

Only displayed while the run is in progress, this represents how much time is estimated for the run to complete.

Total Rows

If you are querying multiple item pages, each URL will contain multiple rows, this will show you the total combined rows extracted by the run. For single item pages, each URL queried will return 1 row, so this should match the number of successful queries.


You can download the data from a given run in either CSV or JSON format from the run history.

Log File

The log file will show you a list of all the successful and failed URLs, so you can review what has gone wrong. There are a range of reasons this could happen, from simple 404’s, to the webpage being structured differently from the URL it was trained on. For more information on the error codes please click here.


If you want to see that the relevant data has been captured for your URLs, you can click “Preview” for a glimpse of up to 20 rows.

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