What is Import.io?

Our products enable data to be directly extracted from the web, commonly known as web scraping, but Import.io is so much more. Our point and click interface transforms websites into data with a few simple clicks, enabling anyone to get the data they need even behind a login. If you are ready, click here to begin transforming the web into data.

Who uses it and for what purpose?

Import.io is used by individuals and companies. Some of the world most iconic brands use our tools to collect critical market data, enabling them to adjust to the rapidly changing online market. Industries include retail, rental listing sites, delivery services, SaaS solution providers, universities, news organizations, consulting firms, and more. Import.io helps them react faster and with more information, thus giving them an edge.

Individuals use Import.io to research a start-up idea or gather research for an article, project, or thesis. Since it is so easy to get data, the individual users come from a range of backgrounds including designers, developers, journalists, marketers, analysts, and academics. Academics use our platform to collect primary data directly from websites. Normally academics are reliant on using secondary data or small sample studies. With Import.io, a few days or weeks of using our product can provide academics with millions of data points. This can be used to consider a wide range of issues, from looking at success in online funding to capturing key features of successful online companies.

Essentially, we enable everyone to get all the data they need from the web. How you use that data is up to you within copyright restrictions of course.

For some examples of data, which can be collected click here. Alternatively, you can start collecting your own data.

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